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Babar Azam is afraid to get out: Simon Doull reveals his conversation with Pakistan skipper 

Srinagar: Former New Zealand cricketer turned commentator Simon Doull has revealed what he told Pakistan skipper Babar Azam during his one to one conversation with the star batter.

During Pakistan Super League (PSL) game when Babar played a 115-run knock. The former New Zealand cricketer Doull was not happy with Babar using up too many deliveries to get to his century. Doull hinted that Babar prioritised his personal milestone over the team’s demand.

A few days later, Doull and Babar were spotted having a chat during a PSL match which the latter missed due to illness. 

“I told Babar that you are the best player in the country; I believe you should be bullying this tournament and owning these bowlers. You, at times, are afraid to get out, but you shouldn’t ever be afraid to get out. At some point in your innings, that shows, and that was kind of the gist of my whole chat with him,” Doull said in a video shared on Twitter. 

“Someone messaged me yesterday. Quinton de Kock slowed down, getting to his hundred. Did they win – yes. The simple tactic is if you are chasing and pacing the inning and are at home, you win – there’s never going to be an issue. I’ll never have a problem with it. But when you’re setting, and you don’t know what a good score and particularly at that stage at that game is, there were so many resources waiting in the wings that you just have to keep going.”

“That was the whole crux of the comment. At times it gets blown out of proportion. I’ll never ever hide behind anything that I say. I said it at the time, I stuck by it, and I have no issue that I said it,” he concluded. 


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