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“Don’t host matches where…”: Sunil Gavaskar Blasts ICC Over Washouts in T20 World Cup 2024

India’s final league match against Canada on Saturday was washed out due to a ‘wet outfield,’ marking the third time this week that a T20 match has been canceled under similar circumstances despite no rain. The Sri Lanka vs Nepal match on Tuesday and the USA vs Ireland clash on Friday also suffered the same fate, causing frustration among fans and pundits alike.

Gavaskar’s Strong Criticism

The recurring issue of matches being washed out has drawn sharp criticism from former India batsman Sunil Gavaskar. Speaking on Star Sports, Gavaskar urged the International Cricket Council (ICC) to ensure that matches are only hosted at venues where the entire outfield can be covered. “Request To ICC, that it should not host the matches where there are no covers to cover the entire ground. You just can’t cover the pitch and let the other parts of the ground get wet. So many people were waiting to see top stars in action but they were denied. This should not be the case,” Gavaskar stated.

Impact on the Tournament

The frequent washouts have disrupted the T20 World Cup schedule and disappointed fans who eagerly anticipated these matches. Gavaskar’s comments highlight a significant issue that the ICC needs to address to maintain the integrity and smooth progression of the tournament.

Looking Ahead

The ICC faces mounting pressure to address these concerns and ensure that future tournaments are not marred by such preventable issues. Ensuring that all participating venues are equipped with sufficient covers to protect the entire outfield is crucial for the integrity of the sport.


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