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Pakistan fan wants Virat Kohli to score big in India vs Pakistan Clash

New York, USA: The upcoming India vs Pakistan cricket match at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium promises to be a high-octane affair, not just for the players on the field, but also for the fans in the stands. One such fan is Dr. Ibrar Nadeem, a Pakistani supporter who finds himself cheering for a player from the opposing team – India’s Virat Kohli.

Unique Fan Support: Nadeem, a pharmacist and CEO residing in New Jersey, openly admits his desire for Kohli to score a century, even though he wants Pakistan to win the match. This unique perspective highlights the immense respect Kohli commands across the border, despite the intense cricketing rivalry between India and Pakistan.

From Dislike to Admiration: Nadeem’s initial dislike for Kohli stemmed from Pakistan’s struggles against him in World Cups. However, Kohli’s professionalism, dedication, and on-field passion have won him over. Nadeem especially admires Kohli’s work ethic and his ability to inspire others.

Hoping to Meet His Idol: Nadeem has yet to meet Kohli in person, but he cherishes stories about the Indian star’s character from Pakistani players who have interacted with him. This further solidifies Nadeem’s belief in Kohli’s leadership qualities.

Kohli Fan Beyond National Lines: Nadeem’s admiration for Kohli extends beyond the international arena. He supports the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL due to Kohli’s captaincy and hopes to witness him play in a packed Chinnaswamy Stadium someday.

World Cup Dreams: Nadeem desires to see Kohli achieve even greater heights. He dreams of Kohli lifting the World Cup trophy, placing him alongside legendary cricketers like MS Dhoni, Kapil Dev, and Imran Khan.


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