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No trials for seniors, same selectors every year, hiding scores: JKCA continues to fail cricket & cricketers

FeatureNo trials for seniors, same selectors every year, hiding scores: JKCA continues to fail cricket & cricketers

JKCA is currently holding the “Senior Men’s League” in both the Jammu and Kashmir provinces. Players selected in the U-23 talent hunt and “national players of senior and U-23 teams” have been distributed in multiple teams that are clashing against each other. 

But who are these national players in the senior category? Players who played last season in any of the national tournaments or players who have played in the past? JKCA hasn’t described it in their notice nor is there any way to find out since JKCA hasn’t shared the list of players picked in the senior category. 

“I have played senior nationals in the past but I wasn’t called to play these matches. But some of the players who are yet to play for the senior team are there. What criteria have they used to choose players for these trial matches?” a player wishing not to be named told KSW. 

JKCA didn’t hold any trials for both the seniors and U-23 age group last year either and this has led to frustration and disappointment for many players who sweat it out for the entire year just to participate in the trials.

“I have been playing and working hard for years but haven’t been able to make it to the state team yet, does it mean that there is no path for me now since JKCA isn’t conducting trials for senior level? I was eligible for U-23 last year but they didn’t hold trials this year I am not, how am I supposed to showcase my talent unless there are trials? It feels like I have wasted my entire life on cricket because of JKCA,” an anguished cricketer said. 

There have been various question marks on the selection committee as well. Despite horrendous performances in national tournaments by all teams, JKCA continues to retain the same set of selectors. 

“I have been seeing the same set of selectors for years now. They have a bias towards players and it is visible in every selection. Have you ever seen the same set of selectors year after year in any other state? How do we expect to do well in national tournaments when our selection process is so null” another cricketer questioned. 

While JKCA officials claim to have changed cricket in the state, the conditions have only worsened on the ground. There is no transparency since JKCA refuses to even share the scores of the matches being conducted. 

“Why are they so afraid of putting out the scores? You can see that most of the associations even live broadcast their matches but then there’s our JKCA who have barred everyone from sharing the scores. Are they running a cricket association or a secret agency,” a former cricketer said. 

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