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JK Football Association humiliates footballer for his ‘Humility’

LocalJK Football Association humiliates footballer for his ‘Humility’


Srinagar: In one of its worst kind of irresponsible behavior on social networking website, Facebook, J&K Football Association (JKFA) clerk published apology message of footballer on JKFA facebook account.

The facebook account run with the name of Jakfa Bilal is run by the clerk of the football association and its follower’s for the latest updates from football association on Friday evening published the screen shot of the private message of footballer Ujawar Nabi on its page. It was the private message by Ujawar that this account holder made public through his public post. In the message Ujawar had apologized JKFA for his past rant against the football association.

Showing humility, Ujawar in a message had written, “Regret for all that whatever I have said and wrote. Happened in the heat of the moment. I should have shown restrain and I apologies for that”.

However taking undue advantage of the message, this clerk handling the major affairs of football body of the State published this very same message with screen shot in facebook post. It was all with the intention to humiliate the footballer.screen-shot-bilal-jkfa

However, the ploy seemed to have backfired with netizens coming in support of the footballer and trolling football body.

“ This shows the maturity of the JAKFA social account handlers. Well done!,” wrote one Danish Shakeel.

Another facebook account holder, Owais Baba wrote, “ Isko uplode kar k kya prov karna chatai ho yeh bechara shareef hai iske sharafat dekho Aur aapka kemena pan”.

Qaiser Iqbal wrote, “ Hats Off to my younger brother , though u have almost completed one year ban imposed on you. You still have shown maturity by apologizing and u definitely gona be rewarded for this… inshallah”.

Abid Njr wrote, “ I appreciate you brother.what u have said finally u have apologise to jkfa what u have did.i knw ur a true footballer with a beautiful heart. i hope to see u soon in the ground. Best of luck ujawar bhai …!!!!”.

Another account holder and Ujawar supporter, Parray Sajjad, blaming non sportsmanship behavior of JKFA wrote, “ You have said right Abid bhai .Those whom are real sports person they will appoliage and those whom are not will bark..!! I appreciate Ujawar Nabi for ur brarely action . best of luck for ur future (y)”.

Another netizen termed the publishing of private message as exploitation by JKFA.

Qumrul Zaman wrote, “ As Always courageous Ujawar Nabi, but to Jakfa Bilal i think you should have not posted the screen short of his apologetic message as, what he did was realization of mistake, and what u did was exploitation. You definitely should had keep it within yourself”.

A Former footballer termed this irresponsible behavior of JKFA as non professionalism and said, “When a clerk will start handling sports affair’s it is bound to happen. This clerk is non sports persons and should have been sitting on a desk instead f managing events and affairs of player’s. It is our bad luck that football heads of State are those who just care about their position and pleasing higher-ups in Government. We support Ujawar and JKFA should apologies for this”.

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