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WWE fans stunned as Goldberg beats Lesnar in 84 seconds

InternationalWWE fans stunned as Goldberg beats Lesnar in 84 seconds

WWE made a major move Sunday night at Survivor Series not only booking Brock Lesnar to lose but having him get thoroughly dominated by Goldberg, who has been out of major professional wrestling for the last 12 years.

Goldberg beat Lesnar in 84 seconds in the Survivor Series main event.

Yes, you read that right: 84 seconds, 1 minute and 24 seconds, about the time it takes to put on sun block.

While we can’t show you the entire match — head over to WWE Network for that — here’s two-thirds of it.

This is literally all that happened in the match: Lesnar lifted up Goldberg. Goldberg pushed Lesnar to the ground. Goldberg speared Lesnar once and opted not to attempt a pinfall. Goldberg speared Lesnar a second time and again didn’t try for a pin. Goldberg lifted Lesnar into the air and hit the Jackhammer for the victory.goldberg
The finish was absolutely shocking considering the expectation Sunday was that Lesnar, who is on a massive contract with WWE, would get his revenge on Goldberg after falling to him 12 years ago at WrestleMania XX. Goldberg was believed to be on a one-match contact with WWE as he promotes the WWE2K17 video game, though that may not necessarily be the case considering the finish of this match.
The last time WWE booked such a dominant, one-sided match was 2014 SummerSlam when Lesnar repeatedly suplexed John Cena on his way to winning the world title. That became a three-match feud with Cena picking up a win one month later and Lesnar winning a triple threat match in January 2015.
Is that where WWE is headed here with Goldberg? Will a one-match plan suddenly become a multiple-match contract with Goldberg perhaps returning at WrestleMania to fight Lesnar … or The Undertaker … or Cena?
Or is WWE really going to let the lone superstar it has built up as a monster, one nicknamed “The Beast Incarnate,” get beat in that manner and think people are going to forget about it?

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