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Usain Bolt challenges Lionel Messi to race before he quits athletics this summer

InternationalUsain Bolt challenges Lionel Messi to race before he quits athletics this summer

Usain Bolt has challenged Barcelona ace Lionel Messi to a race before he retires this summer.

Nine-time Olympic champion Bolt is set to hang up his running spikes at the World Championships in London this summer.

But before he gives up on sprinting, the Jamaican wants to merge the greatest sprinter with the world’s best footballer in a mega race.

Controversially, Manchester United fan Bolt has previously revealed he believes Real Madrid megastar is better than the Argentine front man.usain bolt messi

But Bolt has admitted he would like to take on Messi – who according to FIFA can reach speeds of 21.1mph, in comparison to the sprinter’s best of 27.8mph.

He said: “I always like to try new things and Messi is one of the greatest footballers to ever grace the face of this earth.

“It would be an honour [to race him] because I have never met Messi.”

Bolt has also revealed that he wishes he could be a world record holder over 100 metres without the training – and can’t wait to give up his gruelling work-outs when he quits.

“I won’t miss the training for sure,” Bolt said. “If every athlete could run fast without the training they would be very happy.

“I will miss the competition, that is one of the best things about running.

“Just going out there and knowing I have to be at my best to compete at a high level and see who is the best.
“You show up at a championship and you know you are going up against five people which means you have to be in tip-top shape at all times.
“I will also miss the crowd and playing with them and feeling the energy.”

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