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Umran Malik is huge talent; Can’t make 125 kph bowler bowl at 150…’: Former India bowling coach

CricketUmran Malik is huge talent; Can't make 125 kph bowler bowl at 150…': Former India bowling coach

Srinagar: Former India bowling coach Bharat Arun has said that Umran Malik is huge talent and India need to take care of this pacer.

The former India coach said that , not everyone can bowl as fast as Umran Malik bowls and one can’t make a bowler bowling at 125kph to bowl at 150kph.

During a conversation with News24 Sports, Bharat Arun analysed Umran and also had some advice for him on breaking Shoaib Akhtar’s speed record.

“Umran Malik is a great find for India. Somebody who bowls 150-plus consistently. He is a huge talent for India and we need to nurture this talent. We have the option of making him a very good bowler for India in the future”, he said.

“For fast bowling, physical fitness and skill is 50-50. He needs to work on both to maximise his potential, with consistency. He needs to work on these both things”.

“If you work on your action, your line and length will get better and speed will increase as well. To increase the pace, drills can be helpful and workload monitoring is also important. Any bowler can increase the pace by 5 kmph easily with the kind of work (when questioned if he can break Akhtar’s 161 kmph record). But if someone is bowling 125, can’t make it 150. Some putting 135, can make it 140. Some bowling 140, can make it 145. But you cannot increase too much”, he further added.

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