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‘Relatives,non-cricketers,non-professionals going with JKCA teams on National tour’

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When J&K High Court acted and appointed two former judges as administrators of J&K Cricket Association (JKCA) with CEO at their disposal, it was hoped that the cricket body would get rid of corruption and corrupt practices. However, that dream was short lived with JKCA in total mess at current juncture.

High Court wanted to streamline affairs in JKCA and provide all the facilities to J&K Cricketers and give the rightful their rights. It was motive and it was hoped to happen.

However, that at all has not happened with JKCA being run by two or three persons doing everything that can’t be justified in any sense.

While Administrators hardly remain present in J&K, it is the CEO that is running the affairs in JKCA alongwith his close fellows in JKCA office. The main thing that one hoped was to streamline selection process and get JKCA rid of corrupt practice in the name of sending officials with JKCA teams on National tour.

However, all that has not happened at all with these few people acting like dictators and calling shot at the top with non one to answer. The selection of all the teams have not been without a question and there is talk of a top cricketer influencing every decision during the selection process.

The second part was the sending of many officials with different teams of JKCA on National tour. Previous JKCA bodies used to send clubs members in order to satisfy and influence voting powers, they all still were persons who were involved with cricket in some aspect.

This current JKCA set up is full of mess wherein all the teams include persons as officials who have no cricket background and no one knows what they are doing with the team. Some are relatives of JKCA and some are there just to earn TA/DA or contract amount from JKCA. If at any point of time an enquiry would be established into who and who went with various JKCA teams during the current set up it will come out as major scandal. There payment receipts will only strengthen proof of the corrupt practices that are happening in the team.

It is high time that J&K High Court looks again into the matter and seeks a report on what the set up has done to streamline the affairs and bring JKCA back into order. They should also look into the corrupt practices that are happening in the cricket body.

“CEO adjusts his own dear ones and relatives into the teams and his office people does the same. Seeing them doing this top player sends his own dear ones along to make it a full list of not needed people alongwith the team,” said a former player.


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