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Not Holding Back, Usman Khawaja wears black armband during Perth Test

Srinagar: After being stopped by ICC from wearing shoes with message “All Lives Are Equal”, Australia opener Usman Khawaja continued his protest by wearing black armband during first Test in Perth.

Usman Khawaja had planned to wear shoes which the messages, “Freedom is a human right” and “All lives are equal”. However, he was not allowed to wear the shoes by Cricket Australia and the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Khawaja could have faced sanctions from the ICC, which includes being banned from taking the field, reprimand for a first offence or a 75 per cent match-fee fine, for wearing the shoes.

Australia won the toss vs Pakistan ans decided to bat first. David Warner and Usman Khawaja opened inning for the hosts. Khawaja was seen wearing black armband , a clear message to ICC and Cricket Australia that he continues to protest in a way he is able to do.

Meanwhile Khawaja has vowed to fight the ICC’s mandate.

“I will try to (challenge the ICC) as soon as possible, whenever it is possible,” Khawaja told Channel 7 on Thursday.

“There already has been a precedent set in the past that ICC have allowed. A precedent set where players have done stuff in the past where the ICC hasn’t done anything.

“I find it a bit unfair that they have come down on me at this point in time where there definitely has been precedents in the past of similar things.

“I am a grown man I can do anything I want, but I think the ICC will keep coming down and giving me fines and at some point it will detract from the game.

“I stand by what I said, I will stand by that, I think forever. For me, I need to get out there and concentrate on what I am doing but it is right at the forefront of my mind.”


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