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Indian Pencak Silat Federation elects new body in Special meeting 

NationalIndian Pencak Silat Federation elects new body in Special meeting 

Srinagar:  The Indian Pencak Silat Federation (IPSF) held Special General Body Meeting at the Hotel Grand Mir International in the heart of Srinagar, Kashmir, on September 10th, 2023 and it  witnessed a closely contested election, resulting in the election of a new team to lead the federation for the 2023-2027 term.

Under the supervision of the Returning Officer, Sumit Sharma (B.A LLB), and with the observation of Mohd Iqbal from the International Pencak Silat Federation (PERSILAT), the Asian Pencak Silat Federation (APSIF), and Irfan Aziz Botta from the South Asian Pencak Silat Federation (SAPSF), the IPSF’s democratic process unfolded seamlessly.

“The newly elected executive body is poised to take Indian Pencak Silat to greater heights and foster the development of the sport across the nation. After intense deliberation and voting, the following individuals emerged as the torchbearers of Pencak Silat in India,” statement said.

President: Kishor Prakash Yewale of Maharashtra

Yewale, a distinguished figure hailing from Maharashtra, brings with him a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to the role of President. His visionary leadership is eagerly anticipated and is set to steer the future of Pencak Silat in India to new horizons.

Senior Vice President: Philia A. Thomas of Daman & Diu

As the Senior Vice President, Thomas is entrusted with a pivotal role in promoting and nurturing Pencak Silat not only in Daman & Diu but also across the entire country. Her dedication to the sport is an asset to the IPSF.

Vice Presidents:

Vijayakumar of Karnataka

Arun Kumar Sadhu of Gujarat

Abrar Ahmad Shaikh of Madhya Pradesh

These Vice Presidents represent diverse regions of India and are committed to advancing the sport in their respective areas, fostering growth and inclusivity.

Secretary-General: Tariq Ahmad Zargar of Jammu & Kashmir

Hailing from the host state of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Zargar assumes the vital role of Secretary-General, entrusted with overseeing the administrative aspects of the federation. His local insights and administrative acumen are invaluable assets to the IPSF.

Joint Secretaries:

Naorem Boynao Singh of Manipur

Sooraj Prakash Srivastava of Uttar Pradesh

P Mahesh Babu of Tamil Nadu

These Joint Secretaries will collaborate seamlessly, supporting various administrative functions, ensuring the smooth operation of the federation.

Treasurer: Nasir Ahmad Digoo of Jammu & Kashmir

As the Treasurer, Digoo will meticulously manage the financial affairs of the IPSF, ensuring transparency, accountability, and responsible financial stewardship.

Executive Members:

Prem Singh Thapa of Odisha

Lakshayajit Dholey of Assam

Antony Cedly Branganza of Goa

Sonia of Haryana

Shaj S.K of Kerala

Abhay Shriwas of Madhya Pradesh

Anuj Dattaguru Sarnaik of Maharashtra

These esteemed Executive Members will actively contribute to shaping the future of Pencak Silat in India, striving to foster a vibrant and inclusive environment for practitioners across the nation.

The newly elected executive body of the Indian Pencak Silat Federation expresses heartfelt gratitude to the members and stakeholders for their trust and support. Together, they look forward to taking Pencak Silat in India to unprecedented heights and building a legacy of excellence in the sport.

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