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Gambhir, Sreesanth involved in ugly spat: Kept calling me fixer, alleges former Pacer

Srinagar: Former India cricketers Gautam Gambhir and S Sreesanth have been involved in a ugly spat during Legends League Cricket.
Former pacer Sreesanth has now accused Gambhir of repeatedly calling him a fixer. Both the cricketers are no new to controversies but lately it has been Gambhir who has been in news mostly. One of recent famous incident involving Gambhir was during IPL 2023 with Virat Kohli.

After the Legends League match on Wednesday, Sreesanth did an Instagram live session, and said that Gambhir called him things that were ‘rude’ and not for public consumption. However, a few hours later, Sreesanth revealed the details of Gambhir’s remarks, which promises to stir the pot even further.

“I have not used a single bad word or used a single abusive word to him. I only said, ‘What are you saying? What are you saying?’ In fact, I kept laughing in a sarcastic way because he kept calling me ‘Fixer, fixer, you are a fixer, F*** off fixer’. This is the language that was used. Even when the umpires were trying to control him, he kept on calling me fixer,” Sreesanth said in an Instagram post.

“I am not going to do much PR and all of that which a lot of celebrities do to spread the wrong news. I just wanted to come live and come to you all straight. His PR is being… where he comes from and obviously the kind of money he can spend. I am just a normal person,” added Sreesanth.

“This is the real truth. He’s been doing it to a lot of people, not just me. I have no idea why he started it. This is not the way to talk. I can take it up to further ire but I want to drop this right here and now. His people will try to save him but it’s my request to you, don’t fall for it.”


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