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Biscoe School Ski Course: More students test Positive for Covid-19

LocalBiscoe School Ski Course: More students test Positive for Covid-19
Biscoe School Ski Course: More students test Positive for Covid-19. Representational Pic
Biscoe School Ski Course: More students test Positive for Covid-19. Representational Pic

Srinagar, January 8: A day after Tyndale Biscoe abruptly halted its ongoing Ski Course at Gulmarg, more students have tested positive for Covid-19 upon arriving back home from Gulmarg.

Biscoe School was forced to stop its Skiing Course midway in Gulmarg after multiple cases of Positive COVID-19 surfaced amoung the students.

The institute that had been conducting Snow Skiing course for its students from last around 10 days in Gulmarg had to stop its ongoing Course on Friday after reportedly multiple COVID-19 cases surfaced in the group.

Though sources had confirmed that Institute halted Course owing to spread of Covid-19, Institute officials were tight lipped. However , now as students are back home, many more have tested positive after having undergone voluntary test.

“I didn’t trust them and went for RTPCR Test of my daughter. It has come positive today. Though she is doing fine but it is really shocking how irresponsible Biscoe School management has acted,” Said a parent.

“The should have come clean and stopped the spread. By hiding it they have now acted as spreader. I am myself in isolation now as I have been with my kid from Gulmarg to Srinagar,” Parent added.

Another parent said that his kid is showing all the symptoms and he is awaiting test results.

“They told us nothing but kids told us everything. Like me many parents went there and took kids back home. The have all become COVID contacts now. How irresponsible an institute of this level has acted,” said a parent.

Earlier on Friday School without giving any reason Institute asked parents to come to Gulmarg and take kids back home.

“We were shocked when School officials called us to get our kids back from Gulmarg. As per schedule there were still some days left in the Course but they called us today get our kids back,” said a parent who had gone to Gulmarg to take there kids back.

“They are not revealing exact nature of what has happened and why course has been stopped. Sometimes they give excuse of having too much snow in Gulmarg which looks like a joke. However, our kids and the persons close to the development have told us that there is outbreak of COVID in the group,” Parent told KSW on Friday.”I am taking my kid direct for RTPCR test and will keep myself and kids in isolation at home. Can’t take risk and can’t act as stupid as these institute people”.

Another parent said that there kids have told them that some staff and students had fallen ill couple of days ago and today they abruptly decided to stop course.

“They school officials are acting in nonsense way. This is not anything that needs to be kept hidden. Instead it should be revealed sincerely and authorities should be kept in loop. They have put lives of all at risk here by not disclosing exact details,” said a parent.

When contacted , officials of the Institute refused to speak.

India reported 1,41,986 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, a week after the country crossed the 10,000 mark, as the virus continued to spread at an unprecedented pace, largely driven by the Omicron variant now present in 27 states.

Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday reported 655 new COVID-19 cases- 263 in Kashmir and 392 in Jammu-even as two new deaths in Kashmir and one in Jammu were reported in the last 24 hours.

Note: In earlier version of this story we had not mentioned name of the Institute. However, for the better welfare of society we are revealing the name.

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