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16-yr old Babar Azam smashed 84 vs Mohammad Asif’s team: Reveals Pak skippers father 

Cricket16-yr old Babar Azam smashed 84 vs Mohammad Asif's team: Reveals Pak skippers father 

Srinagar: The father of Pakistan cricket team Babar Azam has reacted to former Pakistan pacer Mohammad Asif’s comment that he will still bowl maiden against Babar in T20 Cricket.

Mohammad recently on a space on X had claimed rhat he played a pivotal role in selecting Pakistan’s current captain, Babar Azam, during cricket trials when Babar was just starting his career.

“I selected Babar Azam in the trials after he faced two balls only, you can ask his father that I picked Babar in ZTBL trials. I rate highly, he is one of the best batters in the country but he plays dots in the power-play and puts pressure on Rizwan,” Asif in X space.

Then he went on to say that he will still be able to maiden against Babar in T20 Cricket.

“I can bowl a maiden over to Babar Azam in T20 cricket even today, he cannot hit the ball if you bowl good deliveries to him,” Asif added.

In response to Asif’s claims, Babar Azam’s father, Azam Siddiqui, shared an anecdote about his son’s early cricketing journey on his Instagram account.

Siddiqui recounted a time when Babar, at the age of 16, faced off against Mohammad Asif during a club match.

“At that time, Asif was attempting to make a comeback and was playing for an opposing club. Despite Babar’s impressive score of 84 runs, Asif managed to dismiss him. After his dismissal, Babar expressed his anger, mentioning that Asif had used harsh language towards him. However, his father consoled him, reminding him of the 11 fours he had hit against Asif,” post said.

Babar Azam’s father also revealed the role played by Mohammad Asif in Pakistan cricket team’s selection in ZTBL Team.

“Not long after this match, Babar attended trials for the ZTBL bank team at the National Academy. As Babar was preparing for the trial while wearing his cricket pads, Asif arrived and greeted him in a jovial manner, asking, “Oye Chhotu, Kidhar?” To this, Babar replied, “Asif Bhai, I am here for a trial with the bank team,” Babar Azam fathers post revealed.

“In response, Mohammad Asif went directly to the bank administration and, in a stern tone, advocated for Babar, stating, “Why are you hesitating with him? He hit me for 11 fours.” He strongly recommended, “Note down his name and include him in the bank team; he will prove to be an asset for you.”

Azam Siddiqui concluded his post with a thoughtful message, “Dear Mr. Mohammad Asif, every individual is responsible for their actions. If such a time comes, Babar will gladly play a maiden over against you in order to show you respect.”

He also requested the public to refrain from making unwarranted comments about Asif in relation to Babar.

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