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Kashmir female PenCak Silat player dies in Chennai

LocalKashmir female PenCak Silat player dies in Chennai

A 25-year old Kashmir female martial art player has died in Chennai were she was representing J&K in the Senior National PenCak Silat Championship 2019.

Afroza Bano of Hajibal Tangmarg who was part of J&K team fielded by Pencak Silat Association of Jammu & Kashmir died in Chennai on Tuesday evening and her body is still in Chennai for the completion of legal formalities.

As per reports Afroza collapsed during her fight on December 22 and then she was taken to hospital. After remaining in hospital for three days she succumbed on Tuesday evening.

Secretary J&K State Sports Council, Dr. Naseem Javed Chowdhary who is also president of the Pencak Silat Association of Jammu & Kashmir did not responded to calls regarding the death of a player.

However, official of the Association, Mohammed Iqbal whose contact number was on letterhead of the association termed the death as by ‘natural causes’.

“As per initial report she had history of breathing related problems. On December 22 she was sitting alongwith rest of the team members in Indoor Stadium. She suddenly felt breathlessness and chest pain. We took her to local medical facility where from she was referred to Rajiv Gandhi Medical Institute,” said Iqbal.        

The senior National PenCak Silat championship was held in Tamil Nadu Sports University-Vandular, Chennai from December 22 to 24.

“We have informed her parents and they will not be coming here to take her body. We are waiting for the completion of post mortem and once that is complete we will airlift her to Kashmir. As parents wouldn’t be arriving in such short notice it is the Association that will take her body back to Kashmir,” Mohammad Iqbal said.

About the whole incident and what transcript, Iqbal said, “In Rajiv Gandhi hospital she was diagnosed with weakness and breathlessness. She was kept on oxygen and then we were asked to arrange blood points. She was given three blood points. Next day doctors told us she is critical and we should bring her parents. As a procedure we did inform her parents but they were unable to come to Chennai in such a short notice. Meanwhile she passed away on Tuesday and as per procedure Police was informed and they are completing all the legal formalities”.

Tangmarg Police has also confirmed death of a martial art player who belonged to Hajibal area of Tangmarg.

 “We received the information that a female martial art player has died in Chennai. As per Initial report she collapsed while playing. We are waiting for further details. As the case falls in jurisdiction of Chennai Police we have no say in it. However, if her parents want we will send our team to Chennai for the investigation. So far there is no such request”, said a Police official said.

Meanwhile her body reached her home on Thursday and she buried later at her ancestral graveyard. The locals wanted the post mortem of her to be done in Kashmir but her mother insisted that she doesn’t want her daughter’s body to go through such ordeal again.

In the whole incidence the role of Secretary J&K State Sports Council is questionable as he neither discharged his role perfectly as secretary of council neither as President of the Association.

Despite being contacted by numerous media persons for the comment he made himself unavailable and didn’t respond to any call or query. He showed irresponsible behavior which doesn’t suit to the person who holds such high profile position.

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